The Israel–United Arab Emirates Agreement focus us on creating regional connectivity solutions * COVID-19 increases the demand for international bandwidth * Optimistic interview with Maya Glick, toward Capacity Europe 2020

Bezeq International holds the lead in the Israeli International Data market, as a reliable and flexible provider, offering fully resilient services over its own Global Ethernet Business Network, providing global MPLS L2 and L3 services.We are leading the ISP market with more than 40% market share and is serving 7 out of every 10 business entities in Israel.

Our long-term strategy has always been investing in our network, to provide tailor-made comprehensive solutions to international corporates and carriers, meeting our customers’ needs in the region.

The Israel–United Arab Emirates agreement has just found us ready to supply, taking advantage of Israel's unique geographic position as a hub connecting between Europe, Asia and Africa and new Middle Eastern markets. We are looking forward to learning and exchange ideas and opinions with potential partners in the Gulf Area so we can address and create regional connectivity solutions for our customers.

.International carriers can enjoy easy access Infrastructure to the middle east

In year 2012, Bezeq International has launched a new high-speed submarine cable system expanding physical network right into the heart of Europe at a rate of over 12 Terabits per second. Using the most innovative technology in the submarine industry, JONAH is the first cable system to be fully owned by an Israeli operator offering diversity and high-speed broadband, while assuring low latency.

The COVID-19 pandemic increases the demand for international bandwidth. We have activated additional bandwidth over our three (3) diverse submarine routes, in order to comply with growing demands, in both e private and business sectors.

The outgoing capacity from Israel reaches multiple Terabits, serving regional ISPs.

Ensuring the uptime of its network and leveraging its existing diversity/resilience in the face of the pandemic

Bezeq International has been taking appropriate measures to cope with the current situation, ensure the continuous provision of services and minimize business interruption.

We have a unique proposition to connect South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East over our diverse and protected terrestrial network combined with the subsea cable, ensuring resilience and route diversity in the region, as well as low latency which is more critical today than ever before.

Our Data Centres and PoPs remain fully operational and are fully equipped to ensure their continuous operation. We have also designed and operate our IP voice network with a high level of redundancy, maintaining hundreds of direct interconnections for global coverage and seamless operation.

Strategic priorities for 2020, heading into 2021

Bezeq International's target is to continue to deliver best-in-class international connectivity services, as well as innovative IP-based solutions to international corporates and carriers, linking Israel and the region to Europe and the US, through its submarine network and its regional interconnects.

We believe in technological innovation and invest a lot of resources in research projects and development of expertise in promoting new services to its private customers, IT services and solutions to small businesses and up to the largest leading organizations in the Israeli market. Innovation and advanced technology are always on top of the company’s priority and we invest a lot of efforts in establishing and upgrading our network and IT infrastructure, expandinag our cooperation with the leading service manufacturers globally, constantly training our customer support and serviceteams, to provide technologically advanced services to all our customers.

Snapshot of 2020 achievements

As we learn to live "side by side" with COVID-19, people in lockdown are finding gaming the best avenue to connect and socialize with family, friends and colleagues. Time spent on games has dramatically increased, more people are playing online games. This is why we launched Gamer+, the most advanced gaming service in Israel, which increased the company’s online gaming market share and gives local players a leading top-notch gaming experience by international standards. The service allows players a swift, high-speed connection to gaming servers abroad, and demonstrates up to 30% increase in key game parameters

We are operating Israel's largest Data Center Network and is a leader in DR and Data Center solutions in Israel. We have launched our 5th Data Center Facility this year with its first customer being the international customer-engagement company LivePerson that decided to completely shift its work procedures and adopt a full work from home (WFH) model in the face of COVID-19

In a concentrated effort, the company’s IT infrastructure was migrated over to Bezeq International’s new Data Center which is prepared to welcome additional companies switching to WFH model, providing  access to a redundant Data Center network of the highest standard as well as connectivity to Europe, US, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, via Bezeq International's Global Network 

Bezeq International is no.1 ISP provider in Israel, providing tailor-made comprehensive IT solutions, Telephony (International, Domestic and Intra-Organizational), Data Communications, Cloud Computing Services, Hosting and cyber-Security

For more info contact us:

Maya Glick, Sr. Project Director, International Network at Bezeq International: mayag@bezeqint.co.il

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