The technological threats and human security challenges For global organization

.The coronavirus brought us a lot of changes that will impacts our universe from now on

We had some serious work changes, with travel restrictions and social distancing, we’re having to think and work in ways we’re not necessarily used to, with greater reliance on technology than ever before.

We moved to work from home with video meetings platforms that enabling to set individual and group meetings with hundreds of participants, so the ongoing work continued as usual.

However, the pressure has not passed, we’re still facing pressure, not just from the Coronavirus, but from potential hackers who are trying to exploit the situation.

Oded Alexandroni – BT Account Director, Telecom " When the Coronavirus pandemic struck, we helped our customers react quickly and efficiently with the initial demand to help maintain operations and enable their employees to work from home.

Now, as the initial impact has been dealt with, our customers need us to help them reflect on the changes they've made, review how sustainable and secure they are, and reassess how to plan ahead."

What are BT’s 3 main ideas of thinking during the coronavirus crises period?

Oded: "Our 3-step approach that we’ve apply to ourselves and are also using to help our customers is to ensure:

  1. you have the connectivity and infrastructure to support an increase in home working and you evolve your network for the new normal.
  2. you have the processes and technology in place to protect your remote users and data and then begin to understand your new security posture.
  3. you have the collaboration tools you need to quickly upscale remote working and then start to reassess your future workplace strategy to balance tool choice with user experience and value."

So, we don’t know when this situation will begin to calm down. What was usual a few weeks ago is very different to today. What we do know is that we need to secure our organization from threats.

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