Bezeq International relocated SAP ICT network to a new site

Bezeq International (BI) carried out the complex project of the transition of SAP to its new location in Israel. The communications system BI has built enhances access to information, network applications and online services, including IOT sensors, desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, handheld devices and a variety of mobile devices used by thousands of employees and visitors. The significant improvement in the performance of the enterprise computing infrastructure is expected to simplify the work for users and provide them with the highest quality experience.

The new network deployed by Bezeq International is based on the communications equipment of CISCO and has full survivability, which significantly upgrades the existing communications infrastructures and enables a sustainable and stable solution for the organization. The core of the network is based on the Nexus switches, the end switches for CISCO's employees, and the international lines of communication for the company's overseas sites are provided by British Telecom (BT).

Ron Glav, VP Business Solutions @BI said: "Bezeq International has carried out a complex project of moving SAP to its new location in the most professional manner. The implementation teams worked around the clock, 24 hours a day, to meet the demand for new technology without end-user downtime. SAP choosing Bezeq International, as a ICT integration service provider for the company's transition project to its new site, demonstrates Bezeq International's high capabilities in setting up advanced computing systems to the customer’s satisfaction of Bezeq International's expertise in the areas of communications and advanced technological infrastructures.

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