Partnering with Bezeq International to connect Israel’s top multinational companies

Bezeq International is Israel’s leading internet provider.
As well as supplying IT solutions and cloud services, it connects the country’s largest multinational companies to the rest of the world. And with us by its side, it’s been able to do even more.

Taking a market leader further

Since 1996, Bezeq International has supplied Israel’s best and brightest multinational companies with everything from internet connections and cloud computing services, to disaster recovery and cyber security solutions. Its IT experts are all certified by the largest vendors, so it can provide superior 24/7 managed services.

The challenge

A market leader with a significant share of the country’s business sector, it has to maintain some of the industry’s highest growth rates and revenues. Bezeq International can address this challenge thanks to a strong partnership with us. Our partnership began almost 20 years ago. It’s grown from providing internet services through to advanced solutions like IP Connect Global, SD-WAN and more. Bezeq International has laid the groundwork for connectivity in Israel thanks to its own subsea cabling, which connects the country to Europe and beyond. And through its partnership with us, it can truly take advantage of our global connectivity services.

“We work like one team,” explains Ron Glav, VP Business Sector at Bezeq International, “We visit customers together, discuss their needs together and decide on a direction to work in”. After completing a sale, both of our service delivery teams also work together to make sure we provide the best customer experience. Being real partners makes a real difference”.

The solution

Boosting Israel’s economy.

Many of Israel’s largest multinational companies rely on the global platforms we provide with Bezeq International to keep them connected. This includes banks, tech firms and industry leaders. And the strength of our partnership means they can do more than ever before.

Its strong position in the Israeli market means Bezeq International can give its customers service in their local language, along with the kind of local knowledge and expertise that comes from being a market leader. And with us by its side, it can offer the support of a team of experts around the world, as well as strict SLAs and a leading portfolio of global connectivity services.

For customers, this combination is a game changer. It’s given them the connectivity they need to bring their ambitions of being a truly global organisation to life. And it’s allowed other multinational companies to invest and build out their own operations in Israel. Above all, customers get the convenience of dealing with one team. Our engineers, sales agents and support staff all work together with their Bezeq International counterparts. We even collaborate on marketing materials.

This all makes it easier for customers to get exactly what they need, with the right advice and expertise from across the globe.

Looking to the future.

We’re working closely with Bezeq International to build on our shared success and bring the next generation of global networking to its customers. Together we’re already bringing SD-WAN to

Israel and transforming the way multinational organisations manage and scale their networks. And we’re looking at ways in which we can collaborate in other areas, such as cyber security and GSIP services.

The result

A partnership that benefits everyone.
Our relationship goes well beyond a traditional reseller model. It’s a true partnership model, on every level, from the moment a customer comes to us with a need, right through to delivery and ongoing support.
For Bezeq International, working with us means being able to offer its customers a full range of global connectivity services, giving them a truly end-to-end solution that covers all of their connectivity needs. They get our technical expertise and support to help them make the most of it all.  In Bezeq International, we’ve found a partner we can trust to bring our services to the Israeli market in the best possible way. Its subsea cabling means we’re in an ideal position to offer global connectivity to its customers. And because we work closely together, we can be sure those customers always get a reliable service.

A model built on trust.

Our partnership with Bezeq International proves that a great business relationship can benefit everyone involved, and even help to drive investment in a whole country’s economy. But more importantly, it shows how great things can happen when trust is at the foundation of it all.

We trust Bezeq International to offer our products and services in the best way possible. And they trust us to provide the best support in return. As evidence of just how important this partnership is to us, we sponsor Bezeq International’s annual Top 100 event – a key opportunity for its biggest.

customers to see the best innovation in telecommunications that Bezeq International has to offer.

As a result of this trusting relationship, we’ve been able to help Bezeq International  increase its market share and revenues by offering new technologies and better global connectivity to its customers. And in return, it’s brought what we do to a whole new market.

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