Bezeq International is carrying out a major IT project for Israel's leading media company, Keshet Media Group:

The group's entire e-commerce, news and lifestyle websites including MAKO and the news service, N12 ;were migrated to Bezeq International's new and advanced  Data Center  ● the migration was carried out smoothly, without having to face even a second of downtime ● The company's infrastructure was upgraded in a way that allows it to provide a response to more that millions of users, every day ●

Mako is Israel's most popular content portal offering news, entertainment, channel 12 programs, and a wide variety of content, as well as N12 News Company website, In recent years, they have captured a most prominent place in everybody’s lives. Behind this phenomenal success, stand an advanced computing and communication infrastructure allowing millions of viewers to watch content 24×7. A major factor in the entire computing operation is Mr. Elad Bublil, Director of Infrastructure and Information Security at Mako and N12, who led the infrastructure migration to a new Data Center

This week, Mako and Bezeq International announced the successful completion of the server's migration project of Mako and websites to Bezeq International's Data Center. The project included shifting of the entire infrastructure of Mako and N12 to Bezeq International's advanced Data Center of Bezeq at the Shacham facility.

Elad Cohen, CTO, Elad Bublil, Infrastructure and IT Manager,  Keshet Group and Ron Gelb, VP of Business Division, Bezeq International. Photo: PR

"This is one of the largest and most complex projects we have carried out", says Mr. Bublil, Director of Infrastructure, and Information Security at Mako and "In fact, referring to it as a 'project' does not reflect what we have gone through here. It is the migration of the equipment as well as operating a completely new servers’ layout. This is particularly a very challenging process, considering Mako's characteristics. It is a 24×7 website, dealing with enormous loads of traffic at any given time. Such condition allows no option for downtime. I am pleased to say that despite of the challenging complexity, Bezeq International teams’ professionalism led to a smooth, fault free, with zero downtime and no effect on end users".

Strategic partnership of giants

The cooperation between Mako and Bezeq International is an ongoing business, which began with the launch of the portal website. "For 12 years, we have been operating our data center at Bezeq International's Bareket Data Center facility" says Mr. Bublil, adding that about six years ago Mako took a strategic decision to move to an active-active configuration, without a physical site, DR and to operate in parallel an additional data center at Bezeq International's TLV DC.

"We have accumulated long years of cooperation and learned to acknowledge the professionalism of Bezeq International" says Mr. Bublil.  "When they approached me with an offer to upgrade our data center and move from the Bareket facility to the new facility, I realized that there was an exceptional opportunity here to take the whole infrastructure up to a completely different level."

"Mako is a strategic client" explains Mr. Eyal Avital, project manager at Bezeq International, “and the project is complex with longstanding infrastructure. There were five cabinets that we managed at the Bareket Data center, which have been gradually built over the years and no longer met the growing needs of a website of this magnitude. The move was intended to optimize the equipment performance, to store it in a new data center, and to provide Mako with the best infrastructure for operating a website of this scale."

Plug and Play

Mr. Avital says that a significant part of the project was planning, preparing, and mapping: "When we checked the existing equipment at the Data Center, in the beginning of the process, we discovered unorganized cabling and outdated equipment. Our goal was to clean things up, map the equipment, down to the level of the single cable, know exactly what is necessary and what is unnecessary, what requires an upgrade and what must be replaced with improved equipment. We have done an elaborative mapping to the last detail, so that when we got to the installation phase, we were aware of all the connections, and knew exactly where each item was located. When there is a customer such as Mako everything has to be done at the level of “plug and play”".

Mr. Bublil confirms and adds that any infrastructure manager would love to receive such a gift: "Today I have a blueprint that accurately shows where each server sits and where each cable is connected."

Mr. Bublil says that the optimization procedure has allowed a “major clean up”, we got rid of unnecessary equipment, and reduced space size to three cabinets: "There is a lot of added value. Fewer cables in switches and less outdated equipment, which means fewer alerts, and when there is a significant reduction of false positive events, there is less to manage. Instead of putting out fires, you switch to proactivity mode."

All this, Mako’s team explains, will allow comprehensive response to growing needs of the site. Mr. Bublil: "with the old Data Center I knew that when there was traffic of over million users a day, it could have an effect on the service level I was providing to the end users. Now, the new equipment and the way which I manage the virtual environment at Bezeq International's Data Center, allow me to increase the browsing volume to an approximately three million users a day without having to consider further deployments. The difference is very significant, and this is the kind of thing that could not be achieved without the cooperation of Bezeq International people."

Ron Glab, VP of Business Division at Bezeq International: "The IT market in Israel and around the world grows immensely, and the transformation that companies are undergoing is more significant than ever. Many valued customers trust us and enjoy doing business with us. Mako's choice of Bezeq International's Data Center attests to the prominence and qualitative strength of our company which is a leading provider of IT Services and data center infrastructure."  

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