Bezeq Int. Concludes Major Communications Project for Large Dan Hotels Chain

The Dan Hotels chain, which includes 15 hotels both locally and outside Israel, has chosen Bezeq International’s Ericsson-LG Unified Communication  for all of its communications network solutions; in honor of Ericsson-LG’s upcoming global conference, we have decided to focus on Bezeq International’s 30-year long partnership Ericsson-LG.

Dan Hotels chain has chosen Bezeq International to replace and upgrade all of its phone operating systems. The selected Collaboration system is Ericsson-LG’s iPECS-uCM, which is based on the 30,000 Unified Communication  Pure IP platform, works in tandem with a hotel property management system (PMS) that will service all of Dan Hotels.

The system’s core software was installed on servers in Bezeq International’s Data Center under VM environment, while simultaneously being installed on the servers of several of its central hotels, to ensure local survivability. By moving the hotel chain’s network to Bezeq International, Ericsson-LG’s Collaboration solution will not only save Dan Hotels a great deal of money, but has also bring innovation to Dan.

Bezeq Int. has begun the process of setting up the new Ericsson-LG Collaboration Unified Communication system. The first part of the hotel chain to be connected to the new system was Dan Hotels chain’s management office in Tel Aviv. The next to be added was the Call Center system were the Dan Acadia, Dan Panorama, and Dan Boutique hotels, followed by the rest of the chain’s Israeli hotels, which include its four hotels in Jerusalem, two in Haifa, two and Eilat and several others in Caesarea and Hertzliya.

  •  A fully sustainable, private cloud system located on Bezeq International’s Data Center
  •  A central hotel property management system (PMS)
  • Call Center that includes a 70-operator seats service, by Aspire
  • An NM IPECS monitoring and oversight system

Dan Hotels IT Vice President Yossi Gabay explained the new partnership between Dan and Bezeq Int.: “Bezeq International’s LG Unified Communication manages to meet the complex needs of the Dan Hotels chain’s 15 hotels, reservations center and entire top-tier management team. We’re talking about some 4,000 hotel rooms, most of them with more than one extension; extensions for the different positions in the chain; extensions for halls and venues included in the chain; extensions for conference rooms; and more. The Unified Communication system also includes features like video rooms, personal portals, a hotel property management system, flexibility and support during any future expansion process, and more.

“Our experience in working with Bezeq Int. is characterized by a full sense of trust, a high level of professionalism by all the teams involved in the project, a total understanding of the Dan Hotels chain’s needs and requests in creating the necessary solutions, and by putting the client front and center, all while approaching these tasks with a smile that makes the entire, complex experience into one that’s carried out without friction and according to plan.”

Bezeq International Business Sector Vice President Ron Glav stressed the significance of the collaboration, which showcased Bezeq international’s ability to build, provide and sustain such a large, multi-tiered network. “This is the kind of project highlights Bezeq International’s power as a leading ISP company and integrator within the Israeli market, by offering the client a one-stop-shop, comprehensive solution. Beating out the competition to win this project was a complicated and complex process that displayed Bezeq International’s advantage in allocating and distributing manpower and resources for a specific project.

Doron Alone, Bezeq international Collaboration Product Manager (Ericsson-LG) “As a significance partner, the LG utilized a broad-ranging, professional team that managed the project according to a zero-mistakes policy. Despite the geographical distance and time difference (between LG’s headquarters and Israel), they made themselves available 24/7, offering up flexible logistics, a unique and committed brand of teamwork, and a high level of professionalism when interacting with the client.”





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