Mass IT Migration for ACE Retail

 complex and challenging IT project has recently been completed for ACE Capital Retail ("Do it Yourself "). The separation of computer networks, databases, infrastructures and communications between ACE and the parent corporate – Electra Consumer Products.

ACE has a wide spread of 27 branches throughout the country serving tens of thousands of customers and thousands of items sold every hour.

The key Challenge was to separate the companies’ ICT systems without affecting or disrupting the extensive business service.

Project Challenges:

Separation of Systems and applications.

Accurate migration of the relevant database to each organization.

Zero Downtime

Adaptation of ICT infrastructure, information security and system from day 1.

Components of the integrated solution:

System: Nutanix HCI solution – End-to-end HCI solutions and use of the Nutanix Acropolis Hyper Visor layer and removal of all existing virtualization systems.

Communications: Innovative communications backed infrastructure by Juniper.

Information Security suite that included mullti-layer approach to protect from malware and ransomware: Network, End-Points, emails servers & clients, and end-users devices.